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Re: ISDN Hisax driver not working!

On Tue 15 Sep 1998, Michele Comitini wrote:

> I am trying to install a Teles/16.3 ISDN card into a 164LX box,
> but when I try to load the hisax module the kernel complains
> about that it cannot access a virtual memory address.  The
> system becomes unstable and it is not possible to remove the
> module.
> The kernel is a Linus' "plain" (not patched) 2.0.35.

Try applying the 2.0.36-prepatch-2 to the vanilla 2.0.35. That's what
I'm running, and ISDN seems to work pretty well (I use a Fritz! classic

You can find the prepatches at ftp://ftp.linux.org.uk/pub/linux/alan/
(a subdirectory there, something like 2.0.36-pre or so). There are a
number of prepatches, I've only tried -2 with the Alpha + ISDN.

> # modprobe hisax type=3 protocol=2 io=0x180 irq=9

Should be OK.

Paul Slootman
home: paul@wurtel.demon.nl | work: paul@murphy.nl | debian: paul@debian.org
http://www.wurtel.demon.nl | Murphy Software,   Enschede,   the Netherlands

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