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Re: Aboot package, anyone?

On Saturday, 22 Aug, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
> My idea is that aboot could be in base section of Debian, 
> and so the "Make Hard Disk Bootable" or "Make boot floppy"
> could be added to Debian Installer.
> For people who has ARC there are 3 options.
> 1) Install SRM into flash (getting from 
> ftp.digital.com/pub/Digital/Alpha/firmware/)
> 2) Use MILO as it's used now in installer
> 3) Go to point 1

I have also thought of MILO being such a universal solution, for it can
be booted from both ARC and SRM.  This way we get to a predictable state
at an early stage, so that installation scripts don't have to deal with
incompatible /etc/milo.conf and /etc/aboot.conf, the manuals don't get
too big and too confusing, and, honestly, I never liked aboot.  One more
reason why I thought MILO was superior is because it takes up (wastes,
in fact) less memory than the SRM+aboot combination.

For instance, I always boot up my Linux from SRM via MILO.

But the world is not perfect: for some platforms MILO is not available,
neither is SRM (which can also have licensing problems).  So a certain
amount of mess is unavoidable, and we have to support both MILO and
aboot at the moment.  Where both can be used, I personally would prefer
MILO; however, it's nothing more than just an opinion, and I've already
explained why.

I'm currently thinking of a combination of MILO and aboot, which will
probably solve this problem.


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