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Re: Aboot package, anyone?

On Fri, 21 Aug 1998, Jeff Noxon wrote:

> Is there an aboot package somewhere?
> Would there be any interest if I did one?  I'm currently using aboot to
> start up my Debian box from SRM.  I can't stand ARC.
I can't too (I wasn't buying so fast machine to slow down it
by Windoze).

I would be, because i temporary use aboot from RedHat (which
i can't stand too).

My idea is that aboot could be in base section of Debian, 
and so the "Make Hard Disk Bootable" or "Make boot floppy"
could be added to Debian Installer.

For people who has ARC there are 3 options.

1) Install SRM into flash (getting from 
2) Use MILO as it's used now in installer
3) Go to point 1

> Thanks
> Jeff
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