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Re: PHP 3.0.3 available on my webpage

On Thu, 20 Aug 1998, Jeff Noxon wrote:

> This is PHP 3.0.3 for Apache 1.3.1 (Slink).  I was going to build it for
> hamm, but I noticed that Apache 1.3.1 is no longer in stable-updates.
> I have built binaries for Alpha *only* ... It's tested and working,
> and should be trivial to compile on x86.  All the necessary changes have
> been done.  If anyone builds x86 binaries, please send them to me.
> Note that I'm not a developer, and there are certain to be problems with
> this release -- particularly with dependencies.  I've done the best I
> could do in a limited amount of time, and it works for me.

Actually I'm just finishing the new php3 packages, fixing the dependency
problems by splitting the cgi and the apache versions into separate
packages and removing that ugly preinst hack. This means all the module
packages are split, too. Adittionally the mysql and gd modules have been
moved back to the main source package since the libraries they need are
DFSG free now. It should be nice and clean now... expect an upload this
weekend. Sorry for the delay, but sometimes I have a life too... ;)


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