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Re: Resolved - Re: Difficulty installing on 'noname' from disks-alpha/1998-07-02

On Thu, 20 Aug 1998, Peter Mott wrote:

> Chris, List,
> A message from Chris, <chris@classnet.med.miami.edu>, or one from the list
> messages mentioned IRQ conflict causing failures in installations and
> booting. That was my difficulty. 
> I did not realize that both my video card and network card were configured
> for IRQ 10. Taking the recommendation to minimize the system hardware, by
> removing the network card, revealed the cause of my difficulty. Trail and
> error revealed the IRQ vs IO vs mapped memory as the problem. I had to use
> a x86 to re configure the network card.
> Yes, I felt and feel silly, a rather experienced system configurer,
> tripping over a resource conflict. When will I learn that skipping this
> step causes pain?
> I don't know how to determine what IRQ, IO and mapped memory resources are
> used/unused on linux. When I tripped over this same trouble on a x86, I
> installed windows 95 (as a diagnostic!!!) to have it tell me where the
> conflict existed.
cat /proc/interrupts

You may like too:
cat /proc/ioports
cat /proc/dma 
also look at another proc "files".

> So how does a linux guru determine resource consumption/availability. I'd
> like to this knowledge to my bag o' tricks. 
> Thanks for your support.
> - Peter
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