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Resolved - Re: Difficulty installing on 'noname' from disks-alpha/1998-07-02

Chris, List,


A message from Chris, <chris@classnet.med.miami.edu>, or one from the list
messages mentioned IRQ conflict causing failures in installations and
booting. That was my difficulty. 

I did not realize that both my video card and network card were configured
for IRQ 10. Taking the recommendation to minimize the system hardware, by
removing the network card, revealed the cause of my difficulty. Trail and
error revealed the IRQ vs IO vs mapped memory as the problem. I had to use
a x86 to re configure the network card.

Yes, I felt and feel silly, a rather experienced system configurer,
tripping over a resource conflict. When will I learn that skipping this
step causes pain?


I don't know how to determine what IRQ, IO and mapped memory resources are
used/unused on linux. When I tripped over this same trouble on a x86, I
installed windows 95 (as a diagnostic!!!) to have it tell me where the
conflict existed.

So how does a linux guru determine resource consumption/availability. I'd
like to this knowledge to my bag o' tricks. 

Thanks for your support.
- Peter

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