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Re: Which CD maker to use?

> :Try http://www.lsl.com/catalog/software/debian-2.0/index.html , they
> :offer a debian-alpha cdrom.  After installing that you can keep up to
> :date by pointing dselect at one of the debian mirrors.
> I would suggest using someone else - after two weeks I've yet to get a
> real answer as to where my CDs are...they didn't even consider informing
> me that my CDs didn't ship "next business day" which is how fast they
> claim to ship it...

To provide an alternate viewpoint -

I received my order from www.lsl.com just fine.  I had assumed the delay
was due to me ordering an Official Debian 2.0 CD pair a few days before
it was released in addition to the debian-alpha and debian-nonfree CDRs.
Either way, you certianly can't complain about the price. :)


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