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Libffm packaged for testing...

Hi all...

Good news for 21164 owners who want faster math than libm has provided
us:  I've packaged Joachim Wesner's libffm and made it available for
testing on beezer.  PLEASE please check this and let me know if it will
work.  Here's the location:

Complete source and binary packages are available there (complete with
sig).  Like I said, please test these and let me know how/if it works.
I'm still working on the package, so don't expect that to be the final
one yet, but once I get it knocked out, I'll upload it if I get good

Oh, for those of you who are unfamiliar with libffm (announced on the
redhat list), it's a library that replaces some of the functions contained
in libm with optimised versions (optimised for the 21164, but should work
on UDBs at the same speed...from what I can tell here).  To use it, just
link libffm to your binaries BEFORE linking libm (ie. -lffm -lm).
Benchmarking of this would be appreciated, btw....


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