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On Mon, 6 Jul 1998 Brett_A._Letner@notes.up.com wrote:

> I'm attempting to install Hamm on my UDB from scratch.  When I configure
> the PCMCIA support for my PCMCIA modem, it can't find the 'cardmgr'
> executable.  Does this need to be added to the base install disks?  If not,
> does anybody know where I can find the PCMCIA packages for the base hamm
> kernel?  I couldn't find them at ftp.debian.org.

I've been tempted for awhile to compile the binaries for that.  If you'd
like I'll build them today and you can test them (hint hint).  I don't
have a PCMCIA device anywhere, so I was hesitant to build them and upload
them without proper testing (since I feel they're pretty integral).

Let me know :)


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