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Re: apt: have to specify www port in sources.list on alpha

The relevent code is in methods/http/http.cc line 561 ish

   int Port = 80;
   unsigned int I = Host.rfind(':');
   if (I != string::npos)
      Port = atoi(string(Host,I+1).c_str());
      Host = string(Host,0,I);

Now, the only way the port can go to zero is if Host.rfind() returns
something other than string::npos. 

What I am thinking is that unsigned int is not large enough to be a string
iterator and that it should be changed to be string::size_type - can you
try this?

Also, why doesn't G++ warn about this? Can someone who has compiled this
on alpha send me a list of all the warnings - be sure to compile with

Apt compiles (almost) warning free on i386, and warning, on any arch is a
bug. There is a glitch in glibc regarding mmap, they have the wrong
prototype and the compiler warns on that.


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