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Re: dpkg bug

>  >It's not a bug, it's a feature ;) You are running a late 2.1-series kernel,
>  >which introduced the lchown(2) call. It used to be that chown(2) changed
>  >the owner of the link, now it changes the owner of whatever the link points
>  >to (and fails with ENOENT if it's a dangling symlink). Compile this snippet
>  >with "cc -fPIC -Wl,-shared -o chown.so chown.c" and set LD_PRELOAD to point
>  >to the resulting .so before running dpkg:
> Interesting, but why doesn't this happen on Intel machines??? I've
> just installed 2.1.102 on a dual PII and installed manpages without a
> glitch...

On intel, lchown has the same syscall number as the "old" chown (so
there the new syscall is the new behavoir of chown). On alpha, this
path was not chosen (possibly having to do with DU compatibility) so
binaries (such as tar) which expect chown to act as lchown fail.

Yes, it's a mess. There probably needs to be a more permanent fix for


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