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Re: new kernels

I actually have this message at kernel 2.1.99 and could not build it.
I was hoping it would be corrected in 2.1.100.  I am using the current
Debian hamm release which is gcc 2.90.28-0.1 (egcs).  I was also
thinking of reverting to the GCC 2.8.1 (non egcs) in hopes of removing
this error, but I see that would be a waste of time (Debian-hamm does
not have gcc 2.8.1 anyway).  I need this to work in order to remove
some DU binary compatibility problems.

How can one assure compatibility with the development software needed
to at least compile the experimental kernels as they are released?

BTW, I hope the madness doesn't cease since this is an experimental
kernel.  The madness implies much work is being done which is healthy
for Linux!

>I'm trying to compile 2.1.100, and am getting a strange error in the
>main.o: undefined reference to __builtin_memset
>Has anyone else had this problem?
>I'm using GCC 2.8.1.  I switched back from EGCS because EGCS couldn't
>manage to compile the QT libraries and KDE beta 4.  When will the madness
>Also, the new kernels appear to have built in SX support.  Are the patches
>no longer required?
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