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error message during install

Whilst installing a noname+udb machine, I'm plagued with
an error message I haven't seen mentioned on the list before.
The solution seems pretty obvious - replace my true-parity
ram (which is what the printout that shipped with the system
said it *required*, grr...) with the ECC variety - but I wish to
get confirmation that this is indeed the cause of the error
before I go shelling out the money for new ram.

 - install was done from floppy using kernel from 1997-10-05
	with the disks from the 1997-08-12 directory
 - system is the Multia variety

Error message:

  lca: machine check: (la=0xfoo,pc=0xbar)
  Reason:  correctable ECC error (short frame, retryable, dc_stat=0):pn
  Correctable read error to memory occured at adderss 0xbla

Confirmation of the obvious appreciated,
Jacob Langseth <jlangseth@esisys.com>
CTI Engineer -- Enhanced Systems, Inc.

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