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Re: Shall I create a bogus libc5-dev compat package?

>I've been thinking, while going through and doing mass rebuilds, that
>it might be, if not The Right Thing, then at least a good time saving
>move to build a fake libc5-dev compat package.

I'd recommend against doing this. We really don't want the trouble
with two versions of (almost) every library out there (which in our case
would acutally be identical).

>The resulting libraries wouldn't really be _needed_ by anything (there
>wouldn't actually exist a specs file for gcc that pointed anywhere but
>standard locations), and would likely never get installed because
>nothign would depend on them.

It wouldn't be a good idea to even include them in the distribution.
You'd be surprised at what users can do (or maybe you know...)

>Does anyone who'se actually worked with the compat packages know why
>this wouldn't work?  Do people think it's a silly idea?  Once hamm is
>released are we going to take all that compat-stuff out of packages
>that have it, or are we going to maintain it indefinitely?

I've been invovled with it a bit on the sparc port (where the consesus
seems to be to forget that there ever was a libc5 for the sparc). The
altdev & compat packages generally just use /usr/$arch-linuxlibc1 stuff
to compile, so I don't see any reason why your suggestion wouldn't work
for most packages (there are probably some that "know" they are being
compiled for libc5, and would break if you gave them libc6 instead).

If you do it, I'd suggest just to make the links (possibly as a local
package) and making sure *NOT* to upload any of the resulting altdev,
compat,etc packages. I really don't what to see anything in oldlibs
for the alpha... Oh, and do tell the maintainers of these packages
that the alpha doesn't get a libc5-compat version.


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