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Re: Success report

At 22:47 01.05.98 -0600, you wrote:
>It took a small amount of poking (nothing like what it took to go from
>libc5 to libc6 on my Intel box) and I'm now running Debian 2.0 on this
>machine.  Works great!  Except now dpkg is segfaulting on package
>installs; I keep getting messages about not being able to get a free
>page (after memory violation messages, bad address=0000000000).  Maybe I
>need more than 24MB of core RAM.

Replace this defective dpkg with the original from the Install-Disks, and
the problems will be gone. I had the same problem (with 32 MB of Memory).
btw: Are you sure that you only have 24 MB? MILO often does not recognize
the memory correct. He told me also i had only 24 MB, but i installed 32 MB.
You may tell MILO the correct value by one of the environment variables.

Gruss Michael
kju@flummi.de, kju@irc

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