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Success report

When I went to the disks-alpha directory on ftp.debian.org, I got dire
warnings about things being experimental, etc., but figured I'd try it
anyway.  After cruising the LDP homepage for a little while and learning 
about this MILO business, I sucessfully installed the disks on my UDB.

It took a small amount of poking (nothing like what it took to go from
libc5 to libc6 on my Intel box) and I'm now running Debian 2.0 on this
machine.  Works great!  Except now dpkg is segfaulting on package
installs; I keep getting messages about not being able to get a free
page (after memory violation messages, bad address=0000000000).  Maybe I
need more than 24MB of core RAM.

In any case, I'm mostly sending this so that the next person who reads
through the mailing list archives like I did will see something that
sounds hopeful.

And also to congratulate everyone who's worked on this!  I continue to
be impressed by the Debian project.

Neale Pickett, sysprog, sysprog     Contact information in headers
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Network Engineering Group (CIC-5)

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