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Alcor installation and kernels etc

Dear all,

Its me again, the one asking about the status of
debian-alpha.  Well, I managed to get debian onto my alcor
setup... most of the stuff are running fine except for the
problems below:

(1) There seems to be a non-stop message that goes...
	kernel: unalignment trap at....
    4 lines every few seconds... when the system is booted
    with the Oct05 vmlinux.alcor.gz

(2) The system has 192Mb (weird) of RAM but MILO only
    recognised 32Mb.  Tried the MEM setting on MILO and to
    pass the MEM as parameter to the kernel without success.

(3) dpkg-ftp does seem to work properly.  Somehow, it is
    unable to locate any files on the ftp-server.  I
    downloaded (more like mirrored) the entire site to my
    local disk for the installation.

(4) Occassional segmentation fault on some common facilities
    like ftp when command is not supported by server's

I also tried to compile the kernel for the system but failed
in all attempts... 2.0.33 compiles but hangs the system...
the gzipped version unzips but stays there.  The development
kernels (2.1.85 and 2.1.90) wouldn't compile at all.  I
suspect I might need to locate a patch for the development
kernels but am not too sure.  Advice soughted :P.

Once I'm done, I can post a writeup of the installation of
the alcor system :)).

btw, I'm considering a Millenium Matrox II graphics card for
the system (SuperProbe reports a Cirrus Logic GD5424 w 512k
yucks!!).  I know Digital does distribute a similar system
(for NT) with this card and that XFree 3.3.2 supports this
(at least for the i386 platform) but wonder if it is a good
investment for the alpha.

	Just me,
	Wire ...
Tan Wee Yeh		wytan@post1.com		tanweeye@iscs.nus.sg
For PGP public key : finger -l tanweeye@fingerhost.nus.sg
PGP fingerprint  =   EC A6 98 25 5B D9 38 40  74 BC 0C C9 0F 81 BE 92

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