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Re: planning to compile web section

Paul Slootman writes:
 > As the "freeze" seems to have started for real now, are we allowed to
 > upload these things for distribution "frozen"? I'd guess that non-i386
 > uploads that are the same version number as the i386 stuff in frozen
 > should be ok... I'll ask in debian-devel in the relevant thread.
 > I'm also thinking about trying to do xfree 3.3.2. I've started
 > downloading the source (44MB! after bzip2 it was "only" 38MB). However,
 > if anyone else wants to do it instead, feel free.

 Hmm, I have the whole x11 tree lying around here and a 500 Mhz Alpha.
 I could start compiling x11 too, but won't wait until it's finished,

 About the frozen topic .. I think Mike Dorman suggested not to upload
 to frozen. 
 Thinking about it I would say, why not. We won't harm anyone, and
 probably we can get the whole thing running more or less.


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