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Re: planning to compile web section

On Tue 24 Mar 1998, Guenter Geiger wrote:
> Paul Slootman writes:
>  > As the subject says...
>  > Or has anyone already started work on the web section?
>  Ok, I did start already with net .... which doesn't compile that
> smoothly as base did, but the important things worked I guess.
> I will try a new upload of my base packages, cause master seems to be
> open again. 

As the "freeze" seems to have started for real now, are we allowed to
upload these things for distribution "frozen"? I'd guess that non-i386
uploads that are the same version number as the i386 stuff in frozen
should be ok... I'll ask in debian-devel in the relevant thread.

I'm also thinking about trying to do xfree 3.3.2. I've started
downloading the source (44MB! after bzip2 it was "only" 38MB). However,
if anyone else wants to do it instead, feel free.

Paul Slootman
home: paul@wurtel.demon.nl | work: paul@murphy.nl
http://www.wurtel.demon.nl | Murphy Software, Enschede, the Netherlands
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