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NIS on Debian Alpha

>  I'm trying to get NIS (the client) to work on an Alpha PC 164LX 
>  running a freshly installed hamm distribution. NIS installed without 
>  dependency problems (I will complain about those later). I followed
>  the HOWTO in /usr/doc/nis/... to set up the NIS client, but
>  whatever I do, I get this:
>  root@cruncher:/etc# ypcat passwd
>  yp_all: clnttcp_create failed
>  No such map passwd.byname. Reason: Can't communicate with portmapper

Which version of the nis package are you using, your report looks like 
you have the bug described in

It is solved in the latest version that was uploaded some days ago.

At least for me, nis(3.2.1-2.1) now works perfectly with


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