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Re: hwclock?

Paul Slootman <paul@wau.mis.ah.nl> writes:
> During the install on my XLT, the time was OK. However, after a reboot,
> hwclock complains that it can't get access to the hardware port (or
> whatever, I didn't write the message down), and I'm warped to the 21st
> century (2018).

Welcome, visitor from the future...join the club.

> Anyone have a clue what's going on?

Did you compile your kernel with RTC clock support?

I've had persistent trouble with all this stuff myself (I've still got
files dated 2018, and changelogs in debian packages from 2017, and so

> BTW, how can I reproduce the kernel I'm using now? I'm guessing it's the
> kernel from the rescue floppy. I'd like to take out a couple of drivers
> that aren't relevant to me, and also make a start at getting ISDN
> working on Alpha.
> I understand that I can't simply take the stock Linux sources and
> compile those on Alpha; Alpha-specific patches are necessary. BTW, it
> would be great if those patches were integrated into the kernel-source
> package! Or are they already...hmmm.

Actually, I've been using an unpatched kernels for at least the last
six months.  Even 2.0.X kernels.  I'm running 2.0.34pre2 right now,
but I was running 2.0.33 before that.

I've been too lazy to try and get the kernel-package package working
with the Alpha setup, but Manoj has made some comments lateley that
make it sound like that might already be the case.  That might be part
of the answer you're looking for.


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