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	Anyone had luck using the xntp3 package?  The one available on
ftp.debian.org gives me a kernel oops.  I saw a new one show up in
Incoming, so I tried compiling myself and saw no serious compile warnings,
but this one oops's for me too.

Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 0000015555732000
xntpd(12675): Oops 0
pc = [<fffffc000032ff80>] ps = 0000
rp = [<fffffc0000330390>] sp = fffffc0000933ea0
r0=0 r1=1 r2=bf r3=ffffffffffffffe5
r16=fffffc0001243b28 r17=15555732000 r18=15555768000 r19=2070
r20=12015f8c0 r21=1 r22=8 r23=15555706168
r24=fffffc00003118a8 r25=a r26=fffffc0000330390 r27=fffffc00003303f0
r28=1 r29=fffffc00004b1c98 r30=fffffc0000933ea0
Code: 47ff041f  47ff041f  47ff041f <2c2d0000> 482d00c1  48271721  48271781 21ad2000  41ae03a1

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