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Re: Positive feedback on new gcc :) & fp exception question

On 21 Jan 1998, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> Of course, I've just finished putting together a binutils-alpha
> package, based on, because although later revisions (up to
> .19, which was current yesterday) compile much stuff OK, they don't do
> glibc properly---this was my problem in getting the release 2.0.6
> done.

What was it doing (or not doing)?  The only problem that gcc seemed to
have was that the alpha target didn't make a crtbegin{S}.o and crtend{S}.o
at all.  I'm recompiling it now to see if it helps.  If there are other
binutils problems, then let me know (the gcc compile is almost done
anyway, fyi).

Also, gdb seems to be doing weird things now that I've recompiled it with
the new gcc.  That may also be related to the binutils problems (improper
offsets if I remember correctly).

> I'll try to upload it to beezer, as well as master.  It's modeled
> after the latest binutils (in that libbfd no longer exists).

Great :)

> BTW, I should have a release glibc in three or four more hours...

That will be nice.  Then I can go ahead and upload the gcc/cpp packages
and also start recompiling the net stuff.


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