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gcc-2.8.0 prelim package available

Well, I went ahead and packaged gcc-2.8.0 pending the official package.
I *HIGHLY* recommend caution when deciding whether or not to test this
since I'm not positive that I got everything I needed to get when I
packaged this.  In other words, it may break.  If so, you can probably
just replace it with the older one, but "I'm Not Sure" (tm).

But, if you know what you're doing and decide to be gutsy (hehehe...it's
not really that big of a risk, honestly), then please purge your existing
gcc before installing so that I have a good idea of what might be missing
and/or broken.

Also, before anyone goes building packages with it, I recommend reading
the info files that come with it.  The new gcc generates code based on the
processor target that it was originally built on (a UDB in this case), so
we should be safe, but it may help to specify the target (EV4 please!)
just in case.  There are other really neat facts in the info files anyway,
so it's worth a browse.

Anyway, the new packages (cpp & gcc) are ftp'able from:

Let me know ASAP so I can pass along anything that I have to the upstream
package maintainer :)


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