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Re: problems with recent sysklogd pkgs

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Robert Stone wrote:

> 	Am I the only one getting segfaults from recent klogd's.  the
> latest one on ftp.debian.org does this, and I just tried the test one on
> beezer, but had the same problem.
> klogd: memory violation at pc=155556bf7a8 rp=155556bf79c (bad address
> = 00000000)

Which kernel are you running?  If it's a development kernel (2.1.x), then
you need to get the sysklogd package on my site.  It's fixed for the 2.1.x
structs (the patch is small, but it does make a huge difference).

If this is the case, ftp here:

If not, let me know the details of your system and kernel and I'll try to
figure it out.


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