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Re: PPP (was Re: New man-db package available for testing...)

On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, Doug DeJulio wrote:

> I am using it.  Works under 2.1.72, doesn't work under 2.0.X.

I'll try recompiling it with 2.0 headers (could've sworn I did this, but
maybe not).  Guess this is another package where I need to have two
versions (like sysklogd).

> This reminds me, anyone getting better than 38400bps on a UDB?  I've got an x2
> modem which I've got to throttle right now, because >38400bps doesn't seem to
> be working.  Anyone ported irqtune to the Alpha yet?

I thought I did irqtune, but maybe not.  I also have mine on an ethernet
network, so I haven't tried serial performance.  On the bad side, however,
I've heard of the same problems from RedHat users in the past.  I don't
know if it was ever solved.


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