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Re: Will deity be ready for 2.0? (fwd)

From: Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de>
> The statement `2.0 is pretty close to being self-installing now' worries
> me a bit (hope I'm wrong). It sounds like you want to freeze 2.0 soon. I
> think we should try to do this release a little more organized than we did
> the last ones.

I would like 2.0 to go to Alpha soon, just because that will help us test
the installation process. Someone else can decide when the code freeze and
beta testing start. I don't see Deity being ready for 2.0, maybe 2.1 .

> One other thing: AFAIK, you are working on the i386 boot disks. James
> Troup told me (I don't know if he has already contacted you about that)
> that these changes to the disks mean a lot of new work for the m68k people
> (and perhaps also to other porters) to update their boot disks.

There are three tiers of changes. First, I am getting the boot floppy
working with libc6. Second, we are rewriting dinstall in C using newt for
dialog boxes. The old shell dinstall will still be supported for a little
while. Third, I am doing a shell-and-dialog (actually "whiptail") hack to
operate as a package category tool and keep most users out of dselect.

If they are up to date on libc6 they are going to need the new boot
floppy.  Otherwise, they should stick with the old one.  They will need
to track continuing changes in these packages: libc-pic, slang-pic,
newt, popt, boot-floppies, base-files, util-linux. The Amiga has its
own disk partitioning, and we need help with that (Enrico Zanardi is
working on that part). Other systems that diverge from the boot floppy
tool set should be brought to our attention.

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