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New gdb package available for testing

Hi all...

Well, having seen the "gdb-ncurses3.0 dependency" problem crop up one too
many times, I decided to pluck Michael Dorman's patches from his site and
recompile gdb to settle the dependencies once and for all.

Soooooo, I'm placing a new gdb package on my ftp site for testing.  I
STRONGLY urge someone to test this ASAP (I will but only in a limited
fashion) since I plan on uploading it to master in a week or less if I
find no problems myself.

Here's the address for people who don't know:


Oh, one more thing.  I uploaded the new binutils today.  Before installing
the binutils-dev package, remove the libbfd2. package since it
will conflict.  Both provide the same things, but the binutils-dev package
is preferable since it's slightly newer and also because, well, it's just
better that way.  A bug report has already been filed against the package
since it should replace libbfd-dev, but the maintainer hasn't had time to
fix it yet (he is aware of the situation, though).

Thanks and good luck!!!

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