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Re: NIS trouble ?

On Wed, 7 Jan 1998, Christian Meder wrote:

> we installed recently a PC164LX which was quite smooth.

Great :)

> 1. There are some unresolved dependencies with libc5 (ncurses3.0 and gdb).
> What is the right way to deal with them ? Ignoring ;-)

With gdb, so far, that's the best thing to do.  I am thinking of
recompiling it soon, but will have to confer with Michael Dorman before
attempting it since he initially patched it.

If there are any other dependency problems, let me know :)

> 2. We don't get any form of ypbind to work.
> We tried to compile the stock nis-2.20, nis-3.0 and some RedHat stuff. 
> Every time we got the same message.

Hmmm...well, admittedly, the version of nis on master for the Alphas is
outdated and patched by me (which was never tested, fyi, since I don't
have the environment to do so).  As soon as I get a fresh compilation of
glibc and netbase/netstd, I'll go ahead and recompile it for master.
In the meantime, I will attempt to package the latest version up for you
to test.


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