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Re: Trying out automatically built packages?

On Wed, 26 Nov 1997, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> Also, you're welcome to start dumping packages on my site also for
> testing if you don't want to put them on master yet.

I've uploaded info 3.9-5 to beezer (and now I notice that
there's a 3.9-5.1 .deb somewhere, oh well).  If someone
could test that (see that the libs it uses are correct, and
so on), I'd be _very_ grateful. If that one seems OK, I'll
start uploading things to master instead, as soon as my
queries about PGP keys are answered.

I'm already on the Debian developer PGP keyring (I maintain
the PGP package, as it happens :), but for the automatic
compilation I need a new key (included below), since I can't
have a passphrase on the key the automation uses, and I
won't remove the passphrase from my real key. The info
package I uploaded is signed with the new key I generated.

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