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Re: linux/alpha and libc

On Wednesday, 26 Nov, Roberto A. Lumbreras Pastor wrote:
> Hi alpha gurus ;-)
> Jay Estabrook from DEC said me I have to do a
> 'ln -s Alcor /etc/alpha_systype'
> in my noritake, he says it is used by libc...
> Somebody knows about this question?
> From: Jay.Estabrook@digital.com
> Normally, the LIBC gets the needed info from /proc/cpuinfo and uses a fixed
> table lookup internally to choose the appropriate mechanism. If the platform
> is NOT one of the ones in its table, this /etc/alpha_systype provides a way
> to say "it's really like this other one" which *is* in the table.

That's true.  New Alpha models are introduced too fast for glibc to
follow.  Actually, it would be quite possible to include the missing table
entries in Debian-built libc, if we knew what they should be (that is,
if we had the full list of system name -> system type mappings).  The
alternative approach is to create that hackish "link" during the base
install, which I think is less attractive.

What does your /proc/cpuinfo say about your system type, by the way?


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