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Re: /etc/init.d/xfs not executable, and more

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> xlib6g from beezer I have, but not xbase. I think. I've
> installed too many hundreds of packages to be certain by
> memory.

I know the feeling.  Even after my "reinstallation hell", I still barely
have an idea of what's in there.

> Servers? You mean I'd run a server on the 80x25, 9"
> monochrome text-only monitor? :-)
> (Our Alpha is a server-only machine, so of course it runs
> only clients...)

Hehehehe...I know that feeling.  I have a 14" fixed-freq monitor for now.
While it's capable of X with some tuning, I'd rather not mess with it
since it's really pretty cheesy.

> I'll try the 3.3.1 xbase tomorrow, if I have time.

Let me know if you run into any probs.  Also, right after install, check
to see if that xfs script has the execute bit set.  If not, I'll break
down and recompile it as soon as I get some disk space freed up.


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