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Re: Fakeroot issue [Was: Re: our new alphas...]

On 7 Nov 1997, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> *EXCEPT*, it adds a dependency to libc6 to everything, because it
> lists itself as libc6 (see fakeroot.shlibs).

Yikes.  Yeah, that can be a problem.  I didn't try it much, so I guess I
missed that.

> Would you rather hack the package to DTRT, or shall I?

Either way.  If you have time, go for it.  I'm pretty busy this weekend,
so I may not be able to get to it until Tuesday otherwise.  Oh, also, you
may want to comment out the testing phase in the rules file since it will
almost always fail (tar bug).  It actually does the right thing, but fails
because of tar.


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