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Hi fellow alpha linux users

this is my first time on this list, and my first time using alpha locally
been using linux for long time, and installing Alpha linux has been
hardest and longest it's ever taken me to install it ;) even .99X kernels
with no distro.  Anyways I went read all the email on this list for last
6-7 months, And thanks to the people on here, I found enough info , I got
linux booted and running on one of my Alpha 533's. Not great , but its
runs, I seem to be having alot of same errors everyone was posting about.
My system didn't start with redhat or even formated HD.

Now that I got it sorta up and running, I would like help if I could.
Are there sources for *.bin/installation programs? if so, could I be
pointed where they are? ( See they are new) but they are very buggy, in
one area, I put in the wrong disk, and it sorta hung, i couldn't tab, or
anything. I also found out there is no editor (unless I'm blind, I
couldn't find vi/joe/pico/etc...) typing 'more anyfile' cores
says more: memory violation atpcblah blbhalbha
So as soon as I can get some tools and kernel source, so I can enable
my network card, I'd to help anyway I can.

Thanks for all the help.


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