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Re: Does anyone have PPP working?

"Ian Willmott" <willmott@nortel.ca> writes:
> If anyone on this mailing list has successfully run PPP on Debian/Alpha, 
> could you please post your software configuration?

Hacked PPP. :-)

> My installation gets as far as assigning the local and remote IP
> addresses, and configuring the ppp0 kernel interface, but no further.
> (Funnily enough, the 'up' flag in the interface is not automatically
> set, I have to do 'ifconfig ppp0 up'.) The routing table is not updated, 
> and even when I manually set up the gateway and default routes, I cannot 
> ping anything on the other end, even though ifconfig shows that some
> kind of packets are being received -- control info, I imagine.
> /var/log/messages lists some error having to do with 'SIGIOCADDRT' or
> something like that.

If you're willing to test this for me, I'm willing to do some more
work on it---I once got pppd working, but for various reasons, lost
the work I had done, and then brought the machine in to work where
it's hard-wired to the 'net, so ppp was no longer a big issue for me.

If you're feeling adventurous, and want to poke around the code
yourself, I can tell you that the problem seems to stem from pppd
trying to add routes before it's finished doing the ifconfig work on
the device.  This works for linux/x86, and breaks for linux/alpha.

Anyway, if you're feeling like a willing tester, I'm willing to put in
the time trying to construct a working package.  Let me know.


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