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On Wed, 29 Oct 1997, Marc A. Volovic wrote:

> Yes, we should. Most of us have access to UDB's of various types, but the
> other machines seem to be sorely lacking. I am hoping for a Deskstation
> clone to land in my lap fairly soon (in which case, I will open it for
> access) which, I suspect, is an Alcor based machine with AlphaBIOS or

>From my knowledge of Alpha hardware, ARCBIOS is another name for ARC
firmware, but I could be wrong.  Barring hardware available to back up
this assumption, I couldn't tell for sure, though.  Then again, I am
confident that this is not a bad assumption to make...reasoning being that
if we can't dig up the hardware, neither can 90% of the users (kinda
strange assumption, but not unreasonable...we can just address it as we
encounter it in those cases).  Luck to you if you can find such a beast :)

> My nano-HOWTO for Alphas is severly limited - I have a UDB under SRM but
> not the monitor to see it running. I can run ARC on the UDB, but it makes
> me cringe. However, I will try to incorporate ARC into the nano-HOWTO,
> time allowing.

I can probably take the ARC instructions incorporation into the nano-HOWTO
if I can dig up another Jaz disk to play with (my main install is on the
internal HD on my UDB, but I use the Jaz for devel source code).

In the meantime, I would like to call for ANY additions to the nano-HOWTO
to be submitted for incorporation into a WWW version that will be posted
on my Debian-Alpha site.  I'm also going to write to the powers that be
regarding the main Debian web site and ask for a link to my site from the
main site since we're pretty specialised and have some much-needed info
that needs to be known prior to installation and/or usage.  Any objections
to this idea, please submit to me via private e-mail.

I'll respond to the "dselectability" in another e-mail that will encompass
numerous issues....


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