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The Gimp...and other things


Today, I put up a Gimp package for everyone to test, along with it's
associated/depended-upon libraries/packages.  Since I don't run X at all
on my UDB, I have been unable to test this, but according to several on
the RedHat list, it works OOB.  Oh, a slight word of warning, I compiled
it under xlib6g, which is available also on my site (along with updated
libtiff, etc).  I didn't get the mpeg library in time for the compilation,
so MPEG support is NOT compiled into this particular package, but I will
do it if I get a favourable report back regarding the functionality of the
Gimp on the Alpha to begin with :)

In other news, I've actually started creating my packages in "official"
style -- meaning non-maintainer upload revision numbers, etc.  I highly
recommend that everyone recompiling/porting packages that may not be doing
the same switch over to the "official" way soon to facilitate uploading
the completed packages.

On a side note, am I the only one who's thoroughly pissed about this whole
"libx*g*" naming policy?  It's really racked my system so far having to
update all of these stupid libraries to their "g" counterparts when we on
the Alpha front never really needed them to begin with.  And to think it
all started with needing xlib6g....now I have at least 10 libs in "g"
revisions installed and am recompiling more.  Couldn't they have found a
"less obtrusive" method of dealing with things than changing the stupid
package name? I mean, I can understand needing a dual-lib-revision
development system, but geez.... Carumba! </personal rant mode>

Ok...on to more important matters.  I'm now mirroring master's "Incoming"
directory on my Alpha to facilitate new package-release compilation.  If
there is interest, I could probably mirror it on my ftp site (let me
know).  I know that alot of the mirrors aren't getting Incoming, so I can
understand if you guys want me to mirror it more "publicly".

That's it for now....at least that's all I can think of.

Oh, one more thing...has anyone been following the RedHat list regarding
the DEC/Intel deal?  If not, you guys may want to.  It's not only reaching
comedic proportions, but is also a generally interesting Alpha-related
thread.  I don't want to start a similar discussion here (not only because
it's kinda dumb since we have no control over it, but also because we've
been thankfully spared from the politics going on in debian-devel), but
figured I might mention it.


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