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Re: [DEBIAN-ALPHA] Installition for UDB

On Thu, 23 Oct 1997, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:

> > Debian ALPHA nano-HOWTO:
> Hehehehe....this kills me :)

:-) thanks...

> >   f. A monitor which _CAN_ show you the SRM console (mine does NOT -
> >      not enough resolution).
> This brings up something I've been thinking about.  We should at least get
> a list of hardware that the "core" team here uses.  This might help us get
> a better range of installation hints based on specific hardware.  I,
> personally, have a UDB that's about as stock as you can get (makes it
> easy).  I'd be happy to make a list of stuff, if anyone wants to mail
> their system details to me personally.

I  (though I am not core member) am using a UDB with 1GB external disk.
C'est touts. I am trying to convince a local computer company to import
Aspen's boards and roll their own systems.

> > 2. Boot MILO from the SRM prompt:
> Incidentally, I don't like SRM :)  I guess I could probably add ARC
> instructions when I get a chance.

I used ARC and switched back to SRM - it is more flexible, imho.

> > 5. Soon, if not sooner, you will be presented with a set of installation
> >   screens filched from RedHat. Follow them.
> Hehehehe...this really was funny :)

:-). By the way - it is NOT a bad idea since it helps newbies to find
their way.

> > 6. When partitioning the disk, leave some space at the beginning of the
> >   disk unassigned (about 2MB) for use by MILO.
> FYI, I have found it incredibly handy to make that partition around 5MB or
> so.  I tend to stash kernels that I'm playing with in there and boot out
> of there.  This keeps my root partition uncluttered (since before, I'd
> just put the kernel images in root) and keeps all of my boot files
> together.  That's just my preference....

Not strictly necessary, but I can see the reason for this. Mainly
preference, but see below.
> > III. Request a switch AWAY from cfdisk.
> Why is this?  Just curious.  Granted, I prefer straight fdisk, but cfdisk
> is pretty nice for novices.  Also, it implements partition table
> manipulation *MUCH* better than fdisk does.  I'm thinking of rewriting
> fdisk to behave more like cfdisk from a "behind-the-scenes" standpoint
> and was just wondering if you want to switch from cfdisk for operational
> or aesthetic reasons.

I prefer fdisk to cfdisk for functional reasons - it is much simpler to
make specific sizes and starting/ending points for partitions with fdisk
and I also trust it


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