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Re: [DEBIAN-ALPHA] Installition for UDB

On Thu, 23 Oct 1997, Marc A. Volovic wrote:

> Debian ALPHA nano-HOWTO:

Hehehehe....this kills me :)

> 0. Assumptions:
>   a. UDB
>   b. SCSI disk
>   c. Network
>   d. Internet access via another machine
>   e. SRM console used (I am NOT fond of ARC)
>   f. A monitor which _CAN_ show you the SRM console (mine does NOT -
>      not enough resolution).

This brings up something I've been thinking about.  We should at least get
a list of hardware that the "core" team here uses.  This might help us get
a better range of installation hints based on specific hardware.  I,
personally, have a UDB that's about as stock as you can get (makes it
easy).  I'd be happy to make a list of stuff, if anyone wants to mail
their system details to me personally.

> 2. Boot MILO from the SRM prompt:

Incidentally, I don't like SRM :)  I guess I could probably add ARC
instructions when I get a chance.

> 5. Soon, if not sooner, you will be presented with a set of installation
>   screens filched from RedHat. Follow them.

Hehehehe...this really was funny :)

> 6. When partitioning the disk, leave some space at the beginning of the
>   disk unassigned (about 2MB) for use by MILO.

FYI, I have found it incredibly handy to make that partition around 5MB or
so.  I tend to stash kernels that I'm playing with in there and boot out
of there.  This keeps my root partition uncluttered (since before, I'd
just put the kernel images in root) and keeps all of my boot files
together.  That's just my preference....

> III. Request a switch AWAY from cfdisk.

Why is this?  Just curious.  Granted, I prefer straight fdisk, but cfdisk
is pretty nice for novices.  Also, it implements partition table
manipulation *MUCH* better than fdisk does.  I'm thinking of rewriting
fdisk to behave more like cfdisk from a "behind-the-scenes" standpoint
and was just wondering if you want to switch from cfdisk for operational
or aesthetic reasons.


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