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On 29 Sep 1997, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> Pasi did such a list a while ago, and I worked through it from
> beginning to end.
> I'm wondering how many of the problems people were seeing were because
> the base.tgz (and therefore the basedisks) hadn't been regenerated in
> a while.
> I suspect a lot.

This is probably true.  I should probably do a fresh install soon to see
just how bad things are.  From what Nikhil was describing, I suspect that
some stuff might've been overlooked by us "old-timers" of Debian-Alpha.

> Gotta make sure fakeroot works, though.

I know.  I'll try to package it all tonight.  In fact, I'll look into it
while I'm here on my Pentium and at least get back up to speed on it
before I package it on the UDB.

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