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Re: The future (dependencies on libc{5,6,6.1} &c)

Christopher C Chimelis <chris@beezer.med.miami.edu> writes:
> Also, the few packages that were just compiled under libc6 but are already
> in the new package format should be repackaged anyway to eliminate the
> stumbles.  If someone has some time, please make a list for me as to which
> packages need to be fixed.  I have the list from my site, but am unsure of
> what packages on master have this problem.

Pasi did such a list a while ago, and I worked through it from
beginning to end.

I'm wondering how many of the problems people were seeing were because
the base.tgz (and therefore the basedisks) hadn't been regenerated in
a while.

I suspect a lot.

> > Once I am at my new job (and after my PII arrives), I intend to take
> > the UDB into work and turn it into an "open" compilation platform (via
> > fakeroot), so hopefully developers can recompile stuff themselves.
> That would be great :)  That would give us all two computers to compile on
> :)

Gotta make sure fakeroot works, though.


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