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Re: gcc?

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Chris Chimelis wrote:

> Hehehehe...well, having the computer on the net may actually be good news
> for us.  What kind of machine is it, btw?  If it's more powerful than my
> UDB (hard for it not be :P), then maybe (with your permission of course),
> we can compile packages on it.

It's an AlphaStation 400 4/233 so I suppose it has a bit more punch (96 MB
RAM helps too). I'll have to check with some other people at the office,
but I don't think it'll be a problem to let you use it for compilation,
and maybe find some extra disk (it's got 2GB right now).

> The fakeroot package is supposed to be
> secure and pretty much ready for action for the most part, so maybe you
> can look into that and see what goes...???  It took me about an hour to
> compile NCSA httpd last night, to give you an idea of why I ask.

Ouch... I shall look in to this as soon as possible.


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