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Re: gcc?

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Anders Hammarquist wrote:

> It's something to start with at least, and given my current work situation
> it's hard for me to do non-mechanical things, so that would probably work
> out well. (I only get to be with box on weekends *sniff*. At least I
> can access it via the net).

Hehehehe...well, having the computer on the net may actually be good news
for us.  What kind of machine is it, btw?  If it's more powerful than my
UDB (hard for it not be :P), then maybe (with your permission of course),
we can compile packages on it.  The fakeroot package is supposed to be
secure and pretty much ready for action for the most part, so maybe you
can look into that and see what goes...???  It took me about an hour to
compile NCSA httpd last night, to give you an idea of why I ask.

> That sounds very promising. I haven't done anywhere near as much
> programming in the past few years as I'd like.

Me neither.  I was starting to think that my brain had turned to mush, but
I guess not :)  You'll get plenty of practice around here.  I mean, most
of what we've been doing is patching, but with some programmes, you end up
having to learn how the thing works so you can debug it properly (eg,
ping and telnet for me).


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