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Re: gcc?

On Sunday, 28 Sep, Ken Raeburn wrote:
> Their plan is to have releases in addition to the weekly snapshots.
> They just haven't got to release #1 yet.  I don't know if the current
> target release date has been advertised publicly (or if it's been
> changed since last I heard), so I probably shouldn't say more.

They publicly advertised their intention to do the first release
"by September".

> Some g++ support libraries are included with egcs now, but I think
> libg++ is mostly considered deprecated.  There may be a few things it
> has that the other libraries don't, but last I heard, no one had
> expressed enough interest to pick up their maintenance.

There are quite a few things, namely, libg++ itself (apart from
libstd++): stuff like String, AllocRing etc.

>  (But I'm
> *not* up to date on egcs mail, it may have happened.)  So I doubt
> you'll see a libg++ fixed to work with egcs.

Oops...  :-(  Unless I fix it myself...  Grr.  Especially considering
the fact that I never write in C++.  (Well, almost never.)
I hope it is easier than fixing gcc to work with libg++, though.

> What other problems have you seen with egcs?

Nothing else so far.


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