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Re: gcc?

On Sunday, 28 Sep, Anders Hammarquist wrote:
> This gcc was no problem. Now all that's left is to put it to good use :)

The only problem is that gcc can't handle exceptions on Alpha.  That
means that the menu package is not compilable.  Fortunately, I don't
know of any other package that uses exceptions, so for most things gcc
is OK.  But I really want to have working update-menus...

I tried egcs and found it very nice.  It does not need any pesky patches
and is much more aware of linux-alpha (which the FSF gcc does not even
support).  Although egcs is considered development version and does not
have public releases, I believe that linux-alpha support in it is way
more stable than the one in patched-gcc.

Anyway, at the moment it is better to use gcc (I can't compile libg++
with egcs, for example), but later it may be worth considering egcs as our
compiler of choice.



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