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Re: Some small problems I found

On Sunday, 28 Sep, Nikhil Nair wrote:
> Also, I didn't follow the proper installation procedure (i.e. using
> dinstall), but did a lot of it by hand.  That may account for some of the
> problems.

I think it accounts for the absence of much more problems you'd
have encountered should you go with dinstall...

> - pc164 kernel is broken.  Pasi, please either remove it from your ftp
> site, or put a README about it.  It locked up when I tried to configure my
> network device (using `ifconfig eth0 ...'), while it did actually
> recognise the device (a DE450 using the de4x5 driver).  So I couldn't say
> where in the kernel the problem was.

We must rebuild all those kernels anyway.

> - Some packages were obviously playing up.  man-db 2.3.10-39 segfaults.

I'm running man-db 2.3.10-35 and it's OK (except for some rare unaligned
traps).  Either the problem was introduced between 35 and 39, or
segfaults are coming from somewhere else.  Which executable is causing

> Makedev is broken, but I happen to have an old MAKEDEV shell-script - it
> was from my old Debian system, it may be 2 or more years old (presumably
> they switched to a binary since then).  If anyone wants to see this, let
> me know (or maybe better to ask the maintainer).

Good point.  I never understood why they rewrote MAKEDEV.  Actually,
there are 3 questions I wish I had answers to:
 - What was wrong with the shell script?
 - Was it really necessary to employ a LALR(1) parser to parse, hmm,
 - Even then, why should it be a proprietary parser, what's wrong with
(I should have asked maintainer or upstream author, though.)

I think the old MAKEDEV script is exactly what we need, if it works OK.
I wouldn't say current makedev is really broken, after all it works, but I
doubt that it is feasible to fix unaligned access (which is, I suppose,
caused by that bloody proprietary parser).

> Sorry, that's all I can remember for the moment ...

Thanks for the bug reports.  By the way, we have a nice alpha-port
bug tracking page at beezer.



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