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Ok..may have it figured out...

Sorry about the false alarm.  It turns out that I patched the kernel and,
somehow, it didn't actually take about 50% of the patches.  I just
repatched a fresh copy of the 2.0.30 kernel sources and it seems to be
compiling fine now.

Where hwclock had the problem was that the header file included in the
source had NOT been patched since the /usr/include/linux directory is a
frozen include tree from 2.0.29.  I had to link the /usr/include/linux
directory to /usr/src/linux/include/linux OR patch the existing header
files in the /usr/include/linux directory as well with the appropriate
patches.  I chose to link, btw.  This will most likely have to be done for
anyone wishing to recompile util-linux themselves.

Once my kernel compile is finished and I reboot, I will recompile
util-linux and repost it.  I do plan on making one change, though.  I'm
removing the automatic change in /etc/init.d/boot for a reason I'd rather
not get into.  Instead, I'm going to patch sysvinit and post that as well
on my site.  That way, things will just be changed and I don't have to
worry about the script I fixed in util-linux.  Plus, it gives us a way to
get back out of things if they go wrong.

I'll update you all later on the status of util-linux :)


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