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util-linux update


I changed the postinst script for util-linux to make the appropriate
adjustment to /etc/init.d/boot rather than make the changes in sysvinit.
Eventually, I'm sure the maintainers of sysvinit and util-linux will
decide which package should take responsibility for the clock->hwclock
change, but for the sake of versioning and upgrading of existing systems,
I decided to go ahead and just modify util-linux's scripts.  Granted, the
changes are kinda dumb looking, but it's been a long while since I did
shell scripting, so forgive my memory lapse.

Soooo, in short, all that should need to be done is to ftp the util-linux
package from my site, patch the kernel, compile the new kernel, then
install/upgrade the util-linux package.  For safety's sake, I highly
recommend backing up your /etc/init.d/boot file before installing
util-linux since I haven't tested my changes yet on an actual system.

That's it :)


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