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Hi :)

I packaged util-linux-2.71 and have put it up for general testing on my
ftp site:

It took ALOT of patching and I had to re-correct fdisk, but it appears to
work (all the binaries run, at least).

Aside from epoch support and the change from clock to hwclock (as noted by
Nikita), util-linux 2.7.1 adds quite a few great things.  Most notably, it
now includes a fully functional 'more' binary.  Other additions include
sfdisk, a command-line (and script-usable) version of fdisk (which, btw,
does NOT have unaligned trap warnings), banner (kinda fun for printing
banners on continuous-feed line printers), and some other niceties that
weren't in the older util-linux.  Also, sync was NOT Alpha-functional, so
I patched it based on the RedHat patches (I modified them for more "decent
and straightforward execution" coding).

I have put the kernel patches needed for hwclock support in with the
util-linux package, btw.  I am probably going to patch sysvinit tonight
per Nikita's instructions, so expect that too (I'll post separately about
that when it's done).  If I don't get to it, you may wish to hold off on
upgrading util-linux to 2.7.1 unless you intend to make the changes by
hand (they're simple and outlined in a message posted earlier by Nikita).

Anyway, enjoy :)  I'm glad to be back in the fray :)


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