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Re: Kernel problems

On Thursday, 25 Sep, Nikhil Nair wrote:
> Just one thing, though: how incompatible is the mainstream alpha-kernel
> with glibc2 &c?  Maybe I'd be best compiling a fresh kernel with Nikita's
> patchset ASAP.

The Original 2.0.30 is quite nice with respect to glibc2.  On many
platforms it will work without any patches at all.  However, I'm afraid
that PC164 support is not quite OK, and there are some PC164-specific
fixes in Jay's alpha-patches, so probably the raw 2.0.30 is not the best
choice on a PC164.  I never tried, though.

(It's the RedHat/glibc1-centric alpha-patches, former axp-diffs, which
break native glibc2 compatibility of the Linux kernel.)

Please try building a kernel from sources and compare it to the pc164
prebuilt binary image.  It would be very interesting to hear your

Good luck,


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